About Bailey Drager Santana


Bailey Irene Drager Santana


February 11, 1998 - January 21, 2007


Our sweet Bailey was diagnosed March 22, 2005, at age 7, with a high-grade diffuse pontine brainstem glioma, the most serious brain tumor imaginable — inoperable and fast-growing. Searching for hope, Bailey’s mom and dad took her to seek treatment in Texas on March 29.

     Upon arriving in Houston, Bailey’s tumor began to hemorrhage and she was admitted into pediatric intensive care at Texas Children’s Hospital on March 30. She wasn’t expected to survive the night. On April 6, she was transferred to the hospital’s pediatric progressive care unit because the bleeding subsided and she showed signs of improvement. Two days later Bailey was moved to nearby M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where she completed radiation treatments on Wednesday, May 18. Joyfully on Friday, May 20, Bailey spoke again for the first time in 7-1/2 weeks and delighted all with her spunky spirit.

     In an effort to be closer to home, family, and friends, Bailey was transported via air ambulance on Wednesday, June 1 accompanied by her parents and two nurses to Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

     Because Bailey was doing so well, she was released from Emanuel on Thursday, July 14, 2005 to continue her active recuperation at home. She worked so very hard and was very excited to, finally, be able to stay home.

     In the early morning hours of Sunday, January 21, 2007, our sweet Bailey went to play with the angels. She is now at peace in the loving arms of Our Heavenly Father.

Bailey’s Story